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For more than 15 years, the Orin counselors have guided and advised students from Junior High and High Schools in their choices, desires, and educational itineraries.

Experts in guidance, our counselors offer individual meetings during which they consider both the abilities and the expectations of the student.

They help the student determine the field that will motivate him and >then follow him all through the admission procedure.

Whether in France or abroad, the Orin counselors can offer a wide choice of educational programs and can assist the students until the final admission.


Being aware of all opportunities, estimating the student’s potential, and having the details for the admission procedures, are the indispensable steps for a successful educational route.

Our services


For students who want to study in general education Second, ORIN their presents various options, the first fruits of a general education degree or a technical degree.

10th GRADE

For students in the second general education, ORIN presents the different possible sections, the beginnings of a general education baccalaureate or a technological baccalaureate.

11th GRADE - 12th GRADE

During individual interviews with their parents, ORIN counselors help the young person to become aware of the stakes of his career. This is the "Orin diagnosis".
The interview lasts an hour and a half. Students are invited to send their report cards for the last two years before the meeting and attach a CV that they have written themselves.


Having observed the multiplication of opportunities for training abroad, Orin's speakers have for years studied the conditions of admission to foreign universities, in particular British universities and North American universities (United States and Canada). .

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