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11th GRADE - 12th GRADE

The program defines the basic knowledge, skills and methods that students must prepare to prepare for higher education and then enter the labor market. They make it possible to gradually professionalize the courses until the last course.


ORIN in " Premiere " and " Terminale " :

In Premiere (11th grade) and Terminale (12th grade), ORIN offers the “ORIN diagnosis” program. During individual meetings of an hour and a half, (parents are welcome), ORIN counselors help the students in the choices they need to make.

Information is provided for post-baccalaureate studies depending on the student’s profile, including but not limited to:

  • Two-year programs such as DUT, BTS including  opportunities after these diplomas

  • Technical trainings

  • University Cycles : “Licence”, “Master”, “Doctorat” and European exchange programs

  • Preparation to qualify for entrance to Grandes Ecoles

  • Ecoles de commerce (those recognized by Chamber of Commerce and other private schools).

  • Medical and para- medic studies

  • Fine Arts

  • Communication.

The Orin counselors can help the student find his educational program through different meetings all along the year. This is the“Orin follow-up program” which includes three meetings during one trimester.

The concept is based on a close follow-up of the student over several months in order for him to :

  • Conceive his educational program on a long term basis

  • Understand the importance of his upper-level education

  • Develop abilities and ambition through monthly meetings

  • Evaluate his results and consider improvements to meet the requirements of his university projects.

Consultation is also provided to give:

  • assessment for admisson to a specific program

  • a detailed presentation of the specific program

  • alternative solutions depending on the student’s academic history.

(see earlier change)For the students willing to concentrate on methodology before making some committing choices, our counselors offer the “Orin Coaching” including six meetings over one trimester.
It is meant to help the student determine his weaknesses and improve in the areas that will become crucial for his future choices.

ORIN’s counselors are also available to meet in Premiere (11th grade) and Terminal (12th grade) with all students wishing to study abroad after the French Baccalaureate.

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