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For the students willing to study in « Seconde d’enseignement general” (regular 10th grade), ORIN offers a presentation of the different sections leading to the “Baccalaureat d’enseignement general” (French Final Examination after High School).
(Sections with majors in Literary, Economics, Sciences or Technical fields).

During individual meetings, (parents are welcome), ORIN counselors help the student realize the importance of his education and the choices available to them. Guidance is offered for the final four years of secondary school. This is the “Orin Diagnosis”.

The Orin counselors can help the student find his educational program through consultations during the year. This is the “Orin follow-up program” which includes three meetings in one trimester.

For the students willing to concentrate on methodology? before committing themselves, our counselors offer the “Orin Coaching” including six meetings over one trimester. It is meant to help the student determine his weaknesses and to improve in the areas that will become crucial for his future choices.

To help students willing to begin some technical training after the « troisieme » (9th grade), ORIN’s counselors introduce them to the various possibilities.
The counceling is provided through individual meetings. This is the “Orin Diagnosis”.

The two-year technical educational program after 9th grade in France (such as « BEP » or « CAP ») are varied and must considered as true choices ?

ORIN can help the student review all options.
He can thus start this program aware of the future possibilities each gives and know about how to continue his education in this specific area (Professional Baccalaureate and university programs).

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